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Reports from the Threshold of Death


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The day will come when we sacrifice lay your self down face the throne with starry eyes when fear is king and despair is a tyrant will you rise? say you will Never fear for your life we are drawn out, we are drawn out never fear for your life we are drawn out by the light Don't you hear the truth as it whispers to you? our trust has been abused decide if you need their fright what do you want? They come for our life when we sleep gripping fear come into the light shining through the violence a shattering glare draws me in come out of the night
You can't explain why your whole life is lying down on this shoreline you feel no pain just float above All live and let go see from above we all shall float as one You don't have that hole in your heart it was a dream it haunted you it's haunting me fall out of harm I can't explain why your whole life decided to fall before my eyes now the pain remains as you drift away i know i'll get through you feel so far i know i'll see you again wait! oh! wait now!
You turn around and find me in your night, laying fire it's over now descend we're real, just kneel and you won't last long i'm preying on the shame of your past give me all your trust Wait! you'll never break your seven why don't you just stay forever embrace your seven wait to sever i just want to make you better You are to tell me i must go i can tell you want more you never were real won't you kneel down v come to me know You've known a special way of living i want you so bad i will never we will never call you out on your crimes Follow me you can hollowed lives, i know fall to me you can all your lies, i love You have arisen we have a reason time to get out won't you get out We call for blood we want your life won't you give up won't you give up we want your sun eternal night won't you give up won't you give up We have a reason you have arisen time to get out won't you get out
Leaving life behind drawn into the night we've known unrest one life left undone will cling to fear no release no hope, controls break through to finalize We are afraid to embrace the change that we are falling toward we have to face our fear of pain then we will be reborn we fall across the void return the soul reborn Warmth from life entranced by the night return me to this love i want truth show in me there was always love i'll divide into the prime take my life
I don't want to review my life it just kills me over and over again and all that we were, and all that we hide has severed us apart and all of the lies and all of the ties that bind us are gone but Just know, that all we harmed and all we were was turned around all around, it's alright just know, that all we learned and all we were was turned around let's try to turn time Don't run away don't learn to hate from all the harm it's still new to you don't run away don't run away from all our love I did what i could to forget all that we were and all that we harmed will be seen the depths of love we will review our truths we'll recover
Wait and you'll find us the comfort of ghosts time unites all Go where the haunted bloom rejoin and re-flower go where there's only truth rejoice in the spires All we've known is finite don't sell your soul for time as we show all what we've loved we'll climb the light And you'll hold the ones you've lost in time we all survive
From Liner note: (Death is not the end. Death is rather just a change in perception. When you see that you are not the body, and that the body comprises only a small fraction of the aggregate of your awareness, then death is nothing to fear. After bodily death occurs, you shall float above. A sense of bewilderment will consume you, but you will feel no pain. All will go dark. Spirits will appear to you in their benign and peaceful aspect. Their light will shine upon you. Wonderful and delightful though they are, they can also appear to you as demons. If you cannot separate yourself from your earthly attachments, they will began to tear your former life apart. They will threaten to bar your passage because you’ve turned a deaf ear to the saving truths that have been whispered to you from your beginning. All these forms are strange to you, they will terrify you, and yet it is you who have created them. They are but the contents of your own mind, but if at this point you should manage to understand this, then the demons are really angels freeing you from your former self. Do not give in to your fright. Do not run away. Serenely contemplate the spectacle before you. Overcome your fear. Once this passes you will then fall upwards into a void, traveling through eternity. You will move from one world into another. You will move from the physical to the causal. From matter into pure energy. As you pass into the inner worlds, through tunnels, across starless universes, you might feel loneliness and despair. Do not fret! Have faith. At this moment the light will surround you, and the sum of all your experiences of life on earth come to the surface. Try to submerge yourself in that light, giving up all belief in a separate self and all attachment to your illusory ego. In the mind, all the impressions of past deeds are stored. You will become absorbed in these experiences. You will experience every pain you have caused as well as all the joy that you have given. Every image that you have collected on earth will be displayed before you. They will appear to you swifter than lightning. No judgement will be made. You must return to equilibrium before you can ascend. Along the path of your ascension you will be reunited with souls who have passed before you. They will impart wisdom and guidance if needed. The greatest power in the universe is the power of unity, of oneness. All other powers are secondary. It is the only power that outlasts death. Attraction and aversion create a sense of self. There is no self. There are just thoughts. When you die, all the ideas of self will go away. The physical mind dissolves, but the overriding state of mind remains. What we do in this life is not futile. Our practice in this life will assist us in our next life. Death is not the end.)
A fires design calms me down with guiding light i can see all my desires i'm devoured we all atone A fires design calls me out with blinding light i can see all of the lies i've inspired we all atone Pray for fire dark lives we have to fall love lost pray for night one spark bring your light save us all We are the lost starving hearts we all fall just get up and get out call the fire you've done it before climb the pyre on all fours one last cold night A fires design calms me down with guiding light i can see my heart is the fire and i am the light i will ascend Pray for fire dark lives we have to fall love lost light surrounds while we watch the stars embrace the night bring out your fire
Everyone holds on everyone calls out the same way it's time to shed life you have arrived welcome to the divide we fade out you have arrived welcome to your design we're the ones you seek Crawl up to me we've seen you bleed you've hated yourself created your hell it's over you'll see You have arrived welcome to the divide wade out you have arrived welcome to your design wade out We've watched you love we've caught you enough we've watched you fall we want you with us save yourself leave your hell it's over you'll see You're on the rise and you're bleeding out you are the one and you forgave everyone
Once you're numb i will see you through the night i will come so follow me into the deepest hues and all i know is yours Its better than you know we're ready for you now Don't hide just bring me into your love just bring me into your night just bring me into your light just bring me into you


released October 25, 2011

Dana Filloon - Drums
Joseph E. Martinez - Voice, Guitar, Synth
Joel Munguia - Bass
Michael Repasch-Nieves - Guitar

Music Written & Performed by Junius

Lyrics by Joseph E. Martinez

Gang vocals sung by Junius with Will Benoit, Beth Carey, Jess Collins, James Dunham, David Grossman, Philip Jamieson, Eric Jernigan, Bridge Laviazar, Keith Pierce, Matthew Schwab & Dave Soucy

Produced & Mixed by James Dunham & Junius
Engineering Assistance by Will Benoit & Daryl Rabidoux
Recorded at Radar Studios in Clinton, CT
Mastered by Nick Zampiello & Rob Gonnella at New Alliance in Cambridge, MA

Album Design and Layout by Black Day Creative

Pre-production sessions in Mannheim, Germany made possible by Maik Robach, Ralph Schmidt, Jonathan Sternberg & Planks

This album was recorded with solar energy.


all rights reserved