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Eternal Ritual for the Accretion of Light


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Awake again breath out, breath in My soul is worn i've been here many times before i need to breach this place i'm bound to tempt the fates I'll march until they know my name I want to open my eye and melt into the arms of love I want to break my mold and march into the great unknown
All my life i've begged for this and now my name is on your lips hand me hell and let me in a serpents touch from end to end Can you fill the void with all of your light can you bring the sound of love We will fill your silence with our timeless sateless truth we will fill your silence while we bind ourselves to you Just say to me, we're the one true love just say to me, i'm the one you want I have to face the knout, the pyre my life is yours, i'm ready to break out i am the son of no one i am in search of meaning i am the last to suffer i am the fear in healing
Pray for our love, heal thyself holes for our eyes, we are bound Analyze, sacrifice, live forever we begin again bound idolize, magnify, fall in the black unbind analyze, sacrifice, live forever we have become bound idolize, magnify, fall in the black You have to feed us to see the beast you have to give up and be the feast Lost in life, we blind to see all we know will set you free (lost in the lie) I want blood on my hands, a violence to face i need you to wash me away, gouge my eyes take me farther down the corridors through every chamber at the centers of absolute power i will course through the veins of the other should it tear me apart take me over i will reverse the forces of nature i will turn every thought towards surrender i will burn with the flames of the alter i will become the starlight
Tend the spirit, take from the innocent measure the heart, by the weight of it's contents bend the coil, break down the objects feather and soul are lost in the process We're the sun on the rise, shine our light in you we devote, we devote, we devour all you break... I'm beloved burn... I'm the one bleed... with the knife bloom... in you A cleanser, a shaman will read from their tomes the scarabs will burrow through the eye of a weak skull devotion through silence, a strong back provides the wheat from the chaff, the pain to purify Hear me now, mark your flesh sharp the knife, clean yourself gather the monochrome light a great flower unfolds process, the eight tones ignite at the feet of the Pharaohs can you feel it, can you go can you feel it, can you give up that which bends break it down that which breaks burn it down that which bends break it down that which withers seal it's tomb A sacred invite, an all knowing eye A sanctified life, will burn just fine Your safety relies on self control Your pineal flowers when you let go (bend. break. burn. in bloom. tend. take. turn. entomb) that which breathes let it drown that which bleeds carve it out that which withers seal it's tomb that which flowers let it, let it bloom The sacred in violence, an all knowing life A sanctified crime devours on sight your safety defies the selfs desires your pineal cowers when you confine
i always manifest divinity
Once we hid in the night now our time has come flames fall all around let them sift through our love Brave young, they will burn the night brave lies, they have found us out brave young, we are trapped alive brave love, won't you spare us From room to room we try and flee our end is close Brave young, they will burn the night brave lies, they have found us out brave young, we are trapped alive brave love, won't you spare her now
I am no one, I am only a voice I float into your mind and speak to your blinded eye I say to you, your almost free I say to you, just one final leap lose your selves and come join the dissolve soon you will calcify aim for the heavens and never return
On a stage, the passion owns the pain a subtle force, a way to escape time and fear will eat through every soul train yourself as emotions take control change your mask I fear the hurt destroy the self you will reveal let's change your world
I see it, we're all aligned Free all the light you hold free all the hurt you've known free all the fire in love (sing me your song) Fall inside your sacred tones we are the last unknown hear the choir rise and fall with every pulse sing me your song
Seal the room, light the fire burning clothes, the energy starts to flow I am what i've learned, i meditate my body shakes and the room starts to glow Pouring over me, higher frequencies the final hour, oh the pain, I'm devoured The bearer of light, the primal tones take my flesh and let me go The final march, the seventh step the death of this dream has come All i have loved, all i have held has led to the sea of one all i have loved, all i have held has led to the song of souls Send me up now send me up now send me up now i'm ready for time to die i'm ready for infinite eyes


On March 3, 2017, Junius released their third full-length titled Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light. It was released and distributed via Prosthetic Records. Rolling Stone released Junius first music video "The Queen's Constellation,"Hear Junius' Crushing New Post-Metal Epic directed by Josh Graham on January 27, 2017.[22] Junius' second video "Clean the Beast"Junius was released by Clrvynt on February 14, 2017. The final video, "A Mass for Metaphysicians"Junius: Exklusive Video-Premier 'A Mass For Metaphysicians' was released on February 28, 2017 by Metal Hammer Magazine.

Martinez wrote all of the songs on his own before working them out in the studio with Filloon on drums; this album also features guests like Drew Speziale of Circle Takes the Square, who provides alternately soft and screamy backing vocals on several tracks. Eternal Rituals is based around Initiation, the semi-autobiography of Hungarian mystic, yoga practitioner and reincarnation expert Elisabeth Haich. Martinez used the book as a rough blueprint to tell the story of a soul's "path to transcendence," beginning with an initiation and ending with the total obliteration of self—a lift-off into ego-death. The album is the band's heaviest to date, full of chugging guitars and whooshing synths that climaxes with "Black Sarcophagus," their prog-doom thesis statement. "It's just another hero's journey through self-awareness, determination, struggle, humility, pain, suffering, passion, love, telepathy, and ultimately transcendence to GOD-MAN status," says Martinez


released March 3, 2017

Dana Filloon - Drums, Auxiliary Percussion
Joseph E. Martinez - Voice, Guitars, Bass, Synths

Music Written and Performed by Junius
Lyrics by Joseph E. Martinez
Additional Vocals & Lyrics on "A Mass for Metaphysicians" and "Clean the Beast" by Drew Speziale
Gang Vocals sung by Zak Blinn, Mike DiTullio, Zach Hall, Ira Henderson, Dominick Renè Martinez, Trini Martinez, Jon "Red" McMahan, Gian Minardi

Produced by Junius & Will Benoit
Mixed & Mastered by Will Benoit
Engineered by Daryl Rabidoux
Recorded at Radar Studios in Clinton, CT

"Masquerade in Veils" mixed by Joseph E. Martinez & Will Benoit

Illustrations, Design & Layout by Drew Speziale

This album was recorded with solar energy


all rights reserved